About Us

Latticework Communities is a boutique investment firm and affordable housing operator specializing in manufactured housing communities.

Across the United States, apartment rent growth and home price appreciation has meaningfully outstripped wage growth over the past decade. Households are increasingly overburdened by their housing expenses. Thus, the creation and preservation of homes for low and middle-income Americans is among the most complex and ubiquitous issues of our generation.

We believe that the split-ownership model of manufactured housing communities offers the most scalable opportunity for high quality affordable housing in the United States. That’s why we are hyper-focused on acquiring and operating these communities.

We also believe that the conventional landlord/tenant relationship is outdated and in the process of being disrupted. Real estate is not a utility. Tenants across all property types (multifamily, hospitality, office, retail, etc.) are making choices on where to live, work, and play based on factors that transcend lease terms. To be successful managers, we acknowledge the need to differentiate our communities by tirelessly serving our residents.

Mission Statement

Our two-fold mission is to:

(i) Foster a culture of community among our residents while
(ii) Preserving affordability for them.

We tackle this challenge through creative financial and technological solutions, drawing upon our deep experience in public and private equity investing as well as health services and community service.